Step into the Light


Brighter than Stars

As new as can be

We are all on a journey

To be all we can be

Stepping into the light

And out of the darkness

Which seeks to divide

And bring nothing but sadness

Looking up to they sky

Fighting hard to survive

Seeking, always searching

To understand why

Giving thanks and praise

To a God who’s familiar

with all our ways

As we boldly step into the light above

To a God who’s always

filled with love

He Lifted us up from impossibilities

To an incredible world

Of numerous possibilities

Open our eyes, open our heart

Help us to be, all we can be

Stepping into the light

And out of the darkness

We look up and not down

No longer looking

Towards the Madness.




Zest for Life


Having zest for life means you live with great enthusiasm and energy. For the majority of my life, that rings true. Most people who know me will probably describe me as a person who always has a smile on her face. Another attribute is I am generally enthusiastic about life. But we all have our moments when life is not always what it seems.

I remember when I was in college and life was beautiful. On my 23rd birthday, I broke into tears because I was older than some of the other students. I laugh about it today because next month, I will be a couple of decades older. Now I’m beginning to reflect on my future goals. What can I to do to live a more productive life?  I’ve been told, “I have more yesterdays than tomorrows.”


We all can become worn out by a world which dictates the roll we play everyday. Why are we so concerned and distraught about all the other issues which sometimes shows up along the way? Life can become very challenging and plain old complicated. Your zest for life can be gone in a flash. Look out, be aware and hold every thought captive which drags you down.

There is always a glimmer of hope. In God we trust to help us through the tough times. Believe God will guide you back to having that zest for life. We’ve all been there many times and thank God, it doesn’t last forever.

This is the perfect time to regroup, reassess, and recapture your zest for life.  Redefine what makes you tick. What motivates you and brings you joy? Discard the thoughts which don’t serve you at this point of your life. Fight and replace negative paralyzing thoughts for positive affirmations. Get back that enthusiasm and energy that made you ecstatic.

Nugget of truth: Your personal success in life no matter where you are depends on you.

Life Menu

options-73332_640FOOD FOR THOUGHT

Imagine walking into one of your favorite fine restaurants, and being escorted to your table. You sit down and you’re given a menu. Only this time, it’s a menu about your life. What do you see? Are you happy with the selection on the menu? Do you wish there were other choices which are not presently on this menu? Continue reading “Life Menu”

Broken Promises


 Promises are meant to be kept, yet without thinking, we hurt others by breaking those promises, and destroying them in the process.

We live in a world of broken promises and shattered dreams. While we search for a better life and a brighter tomorrow, sometimes we look towards others for help, who then make commitments they can not keep. They are story tellers expressing themselves in colorful words.

 Look at our political system, past and present. Many candidates continue to make many promises and when elected into public office, all bets are off the table. Prior agreements are no longer valid and dismissed like it never happened. Unfortunately nothing changes and life goes on as usual. A series of disappointments year after year as we continue to vote for the same candidates making promises they can’t keep.

Why do we keep believing the hype? Why are we so gullible and willing to believe others, when they don’t have our best interest at heart? I believe it’s because we genuinely want to believe they are speaking the truth and they care about the end results. What is the end result? Maintaining a working relationship based on truth and honesty.

When you speak from your heart and promise to do this or that, it is taken for granted, you will keep that promise. In our political system and our Major Corporations, promises are espoused and people are willing to follow these leaders until promises are broken.

We are better than what or whom we choose to believe no matter what the situation. Whether in relationships on the job, friendships, or family situations. Don’t lose heart!

What does a promise mean and what does a broken promise look like? Making a promise is the ability to keep your word and follow through on whatever one said they were going to do.  A BROKEN promise will destroy trust and break hearts. The bible clearly tells us in the book of James the following;

“But above all my brother, do not swear, either by heaven or earth, or by any other oath. But let your ” yes” be yes and your “no” be  no.”

A promise was meant to be kept resulting in trust of another person. If you promise to do something, follow through.

Examining some absurdities in life helps keep things in perspective. If you don’t want to be disappointed by others, don’t look for them to keep a promise which was never their intention. Their words are in the right place but their heart is misplaced and their thoughts changed in the wrong direction.

In conclusion, if you decide to make a promise to do something, or to help someone in whatever state they are in, keep it or don’t promise to do anything at all.

Why it’s not okay to label children?

This post was so empowering, I had to share it. As a mother who understands and have also experienced so much in our school system, it’s important to share the knowledge. My son was diagnosed with the inability to sit still in class at a very young age. They wanted him to go on prescribed medication which I refused. Today he is thriving and studying computer science in college. We all need to think whether or not we want to be clones of the system or make the right decisions for ourselves and our family. We all live in the matrix but we have the power within to think out of the box.

Suvarna Ventures

One of our society’s unpleasant acts, which many are shamelessly proud of, is to label people for a certain trait, usually negative, which unfortunately becomes a permanent identity for many individuals for their lifetime.

While adults cope with such labeling by either ignoring or defending themselves, it’s the children who are worst impacted from labeling by adults or their peers. These innocent souls grow up as adults, with low self esteem, because of the label they got in childhood which got deeply ingrained in them. They believe in the labels and that is their identity.

I find it really very frustrating and annoying that even educated people have not understood this fundamental law of our Universe- that we are all meant to be unique.

From the planets in our solar system to animals, birds to countries and even various locations on Earth are unique – and so are humans.

If planet Jupiter takes much longer to…

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The Munchies


Have you ever had a serious munchies attack? I’m talking about the I want it now scenario. Then you open the kitchen closets searching, like a person who hasn’t eaten for days. But this time, like old Mother Hubbard, your closets are bare. What’s next is your attempt to run to the nearest 7eleven in order to purchase something, anything to satisfy your appetite.

Well, I believe this has happened to most of us more often than we are willing to admit. Why does it happen? In my opinion, besides the usual cravings, boredom is at the top of the list. Another reason, is a desire to seek pleasure and solace in junk foods, rather than focus on life troubling issues. In that moment, it’s you and your cookies, chips or whatever appeases your cravings. The results are weight gain in all the wrong places and health related concerns due to eating processed junk foods. But who cares, as long as we get our fix.


Guilty like everyone else, from time to time the munchies gets the best of me, especially when I had a difficult day. I had to ask myself, why would I reach for a bag of chips rather than a piece of fruit which is much better for health reasons? We have learned to associate junk foods with areas of our lives which causes discomfort. It’s palatable while giving us some temporary pleasure.

I am not one to tell you to stay away from munching on junk foods, however, eat it in moderation as it can impact your health if you go overboard.  My concern is related to the cause…..

Next time you reach for some junk food, ask yourself first and foremost, what’s really going on? Once you’ve answered that question, try reaching for a healthier snack which nourishes the body. Only you have the power to choose.








My Mother Dearest


I almost lost my mother recently. After being rushed to the hospital, she was diagnosed with a stroke. Mom’s been battling her illnesses for many years, and little by little its been taking a toll on her body. My mom is a fighter and thank God for it, as she is slowly pulling through this last bombardment to her body. We take so much in life for granted. What if mom didn’t survive this incident? Continue reading “My Mother Dearest”