Accepting your past mistakes is not an easy venture, especially if you’re not exactly happy with your previous history. We all wish at some point we can go back in time and do over some part of our life. However that is not God’s wish for the valuable lessons you are learning along the way. Press on, keep moving forward, forgive yourself and refresh the life you are now living. Have a willingness to tolerate a difficult or unpleasant situation as you move steadily towards your goals. With God all things are possible if you’re willing to believe.



Before a word is uttered on my tongue,

Help me lord to overcome,

 Let me think before I speak,

when speaking life to those I meet,

I am truly sorry for the words I’ve said

In anger to others

Who needs to be led,

Help me know what to say

when my words go astray

and indignation comes my way,

Teach me your truth,

While I read your good book,

I will continue to take a closer look.

I’ll stand in your peace

By not being a beast,

Please allow my love for others to increase

Search me, O Lord, and know my heart

For you have known me from the start,

Cleanse and change me,

from all that I am,

You know my name and that’s where I’ll stand,

In silence, meditating and listening to your word,

with God right beside me, never being deterred

Create a clean heart in me

to be all I can be,

So my words won’t defeat me,

for I totally trust in thee

I choose to speak life for the rest of my life,

Believing and hoping to live a life of less strife.


1370998541_lSpeaking from the Heart

I grew up in a household with five brothers and three sisters. Meals had to be planned sometimes the day before which, to be honest, I hated. My idea of fun was to go outside and spend time with my brothers and watch while my father fix cars which were having mechanical problems. Unfortunately, my mother’s intention for my upbringing was to learn how to cook, clean, wash dishes and pots and pans. As I look back on that part of my life, I wondered why it bothered me so much as my mom taught me how to keep a home and take care of my family which is invaluable. Continue reading “POTS AND PANS”

The Blessed State of the Righteous

stars 3

Blessed is the man who fears the Lord,

Who delights greatly in his commandments,

His descendants will be mighty on the earth;

The generation of the upright will be blessed.

Wealth and riches will be in his house,

And his righteousness endures forever.

Unto the upright there arises light in the darkness;

He is gracious and full of compassion, and righteous.

A good man deals graciously and lends;

He will guide his affairs with discretion.

Surely he will never be shaken;

The righteous will be in everlasting remembrance.

He will not be afraid of evil tidings;

His heart is steadfast, trusting in the Lord.

His heart is established;

He will not be afraid.

                                                                              Psalm 112:1-8

Nuggets of Truth: Daily inspiration from the word of God will lift and nourish your soul. Reading through scripture especially my favorites, Psalm and Proverbs will encourage, teach and grant you wisdom to live a life found on Honesty and Truth. A strong foundation is pivotal to your success in reshaping your new future reality.



In order to create a new reality, you have to empty yourself of all or most of  the troubles that consume your life. There are many ways to do this one of which is to talk to a friend who is trustworthy. Another is to write down all that seems to occupy your mind, leaving  it on paper rather than allowing it to play over and over again like an old tape recorder.  Learn to forgive and forget past hurts and start moving forward. Finding a way to deal with that which steals your joy is crucial to living a life of fulfillment and joy.


We all have moments in time where life gets the best of us and we just want to shout it out and vent in order to release our frustrations. I have been there many times dealing with different circumstances, however, sometimes you have to let it out, turn it over to the lord and keep going. Don’t allow anything or anyone to keep you from living God’s intention for your life. Getting angry and expressing your vexation is not a sin, providing you release it an appropriate manner. How you choose to deal with what troubles and boggles your mind will ultimately define how God views your behavior. When bad things happen, it may be an opportunity for growth. Stay the course, pause, learn to ask yourself what is God teaching me through this experience? Keep moving forward choosing to walk in wisdom and love.

Nuggets of Truth: “Be angry and do not sin” do not let the sun go down on your wrath

Ephesians 4:26