What are we thankful for?

photo of woman sitting on stone next to body of water
Photo by aymyogaschool on Pexels.com

Life can be a blast, but sometimes it can be like a raging river out of control…

I dont know how you feel,  however there are  times  I get lost in my own thoughts and my own little world.

When things are going wrong , I forget about what’s going right.

Thank God I’m alive living in this time to see all the technological advances in our world.

I have to remember to be grateful for all that’s been given and all the lessons learned along my journey.?

This is the way we grow and learn to be the person we are meant to be…

When you think your life is meaningless, guess again because you really haven’t been paying attention.

So what are we thankful for when life seizes to have meaning?

Take some time and Look around at everything we take for granted.

If you woke up this morning, be thankful

If you have a job or a business which enables you to pay your bills, be thankful.

If you can use your legs to walk be thankful.

If you have a roof over your head and clothes on your back please be thankful

If you can spend time with family and friends while sharing a meal this Thanksgiving be thankful..

There are so many people in this world who have far less while others spend time alone.

And yet they are thankful for whatever they have in spite of their circumstances.

So be thankful and kind to those who are less fortunate.

Life is a gift in so many ways. It is more meaningful than meanigless.

Try to look at the big picture…There is a beauty to life that adds meaning.

Everything in this world was created by God for mankind..so be thankful

We are blessed by the creator of the universe.

We fail to see the little things while we focus on life’s distractions.

Have a spirit of thankfulness and gratitude.,

For today is given, tomorrow is not promised

Live your life with an attitude of gratitude.


Have a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.




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