Broken Promises


 Promises are meant to be kept, yet without thinking, we hurt others by breaking those promises, and destroying them in the process.

We live in a world of broken promises and shattered dreams. While we search for a better life and a brighter tomorrow, sometimes we look towards others for help, who then make commitments they can not keep. They are story tellers expressing themselves in colorful words.

 Look at our political system, past and present. Many candidates continue to make many promises and when elected into public office, all bets are off the table. Prior agreements are no longer valid and dismissed like it never happened. Unfortunately nothing changes and life goes on as usual. A series of disappointments year after year as we continue to vote for the same candidates making promises they can’t keep.

Why do we keep believing the hype? Why are we so gullible and willing to believe others, when they don’t have our best interest at heart? I believe it’s because we genuinely want to believe they are speaking the truth and they care about the end results. What is the end result? Maintaining a working relationship based on truth and honesty.

When you speak from your heart and promise to do this or that, it is taken for granted, you will keep that promise. In our political system and our Major Corporations, promises are espoused and people are willing to follow these leaders until promises are broken.

We are better than what or whom we choose to believe no matter what the situation. Whether in relationships on the job, friendships, or family situations. Don’t lose heart!

What does a promise mean and what does a broken promise look like? Making a promise is the ability to keep your word and follow through on whatever one said they were going to do.  A BROKEN promise will destroy trust and break hearts. The bible clearly tells us in the book of James the following;

“But above all my brother, do not swear, either by heaven or earth, or by any other oath. But let your ” yes” be yes and your “no” be  no.”

A promise was meant to be kept resulting in trust of another person. If you promise to do something, follow through.

Examining some absurdities in life helps keep things in perspective. If you don’t want to be disappointed by others, don’t look for them to keep a promise which was never their intention. Their words are in the right place but their heart is misplaced and their thoughts changed in the wrong direction.

In conclusion, if you decide to make a promise to do something, or to help someone in whatever state they are in, keep it or don’t promise to do anything at all.

Time Out in Everyday Life

Taking a break in between life stresses


Taking time out of your busy day is beneficial to your physical and spiritual well-being. If you make it habitual, you will be able to think more clearly and creatively. Life will be more enjoyable if you tap into that alone time.

My time out is early in the morning, reflecting and reading the word of God. If I miss that time connecting and praying, I feel stressed out throughout the day.  For example, I woke up a few days ago, and instead of reaching for my bible, I took the television remote in hand and flipped through the channels. Intrigued by the medias political assessment of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, I was trapped, trying to listen to different viewpoints of our Presidential candidates.

When I realized I hadn’t taken the time to pray, to be honest I was so caught up with the program, I tried to squeeze my reading into a commercial. Guilt started to take a hold of me and I said to myself, “God is more than a commercial and deserves quality time.”

Now before you judge me, this is not my usual behavior. However I recognized what I was doing, turned off the television and proceeded with my time out to meditate. I felt relieved and was ready to start my day. My time alone gives me peace of mind and is one of the best parts of my day.

This is one of my ways of having time out and setting my day. I also go to the movies alone, spend time with friends, spa, sit by a lake observing nature, and long walks. How about the rest of us? What can you implement in your life to take time out? I am talking about everyday life, not the time we are given for vacation.

We are all so busy with work and family, that we scurry throughout the day, failing to recognize we all need to stop, think, relax and just breathe. Even for a moment, learn to be still, clear your thoughts, take time out from the busyness of life. I can honestly say I enjoy my time out. It puts me in a better frame of mind, mentally and spiritually while giving me the ability to write more creatively.

Success in life is about being the best you can be inspite of your journey.

Do you have any creative ideas for time out?


Chilling Out


Vacating the premises of work

For a much-needed vacation

Chllling out

Seeking new adventures

In another place and in a different environment

Chilling out

Sun drenched beaches with grains of sands

Seaweed, seashells,

 Strewn across the beach

Chilling out

Waves rushing, crashing towards the shore

The deep reflecting colors in the deepest of blue

With the mysteries of life in its depths

Chllling out

relaxing, breathing, resting,

Long Summer days hot and steamy nights

Chllling out

Palm trees blowing in the wind

A warm and gentle breeze

Blowing across my face

While the sun with its intensity darkens my

 skin to a reddish hue

Chllling out

No routines, enjoying moments of peace

Slowly breathing,

As I run away from the madness

Erasing my thoughts from afar

 Chllling out

Nights filled with thunder,

lighting and rain

My heart is beating while I’m resting

Ever so softly, quietly, gently

Chilling out

A Beautiful  serene environment

on a glorious summer day

Love, peace and serenity fills my mind

Chllling out

Time to step away and be still, silent

No stress, no mess

Meditating on God’s blessings

Enjoying a spiritual awakening

Chllling out

Clearing my thoughts

Feeling hopeful with renewed strength

Life is a breeze

When you’re chilling out

Ready to face the world

To begin again.

A Simple Prayer


Dear Lord, help me to see life more clearly,

All that I am and ever will be belongs to you,

Forgive me in all my ways that are not pleasing,

Help me become more devoted to following your ways

Change my heart, O Lord

Help me to walk with a servants heart,

Loving my fellow man,

Renew my spirt, and increase my Faith

Let the words of my mouth

Speak the truth

Thank you for all your blessings

May we never take anything in this life for granted.