Life Menu

options-73332_640FOOD FOR THOUGHT

Imagine walking into one of your favorite fine restaurants, and being escorted to your table. You sit down and you’re given a menu. Only this time, it’s a menu about your life. What do you see? Are you happy with the selection on the menu? Do you wish there were other choices which are not presently on this menu?


The appetizers or starters, are snippets of your life. Beginning with your education, relationships, places of interest you might have traveled to in order to broaden your horizon. It could be a hobby, a certain skill you picked up along the way or a specific category of entertainment which held your attention. You dabbled here and there, while hoping something will surface which revealed your life’s purpose and passion.


The entrée or main course is the main part of a meal. In this case, it stands for your life as it stands now. After trying some of the appetizers, you decided it’s time to move onto the entrée. The selection included marriage, children, a new home, maybe a new location. Owning your own business, a new job, or other vocations which will please and fulfill your hearts desire. You made a selection while questioning  and wondering whether or not you’ve made the right decision. After all, we’re talking about a large part of your life. Taking a rather large bite, you settle down, but it didn’t taste as good as you thought it would. Time is of the essence and responsibilities keeps one under lock and key. So you settle for something while hoping your choice will lead to satisfaction and no regret. There is also a strong possibility, you enjoyed your main course. In that case, you’re on your way to reaping rewards leading to a life of contentment.


Nevertheless, we always have something we could look forward to and that’s our dessert. We save the best for last.  It’s the smallest fragment of life which brings enjoyment in spite of the main course. It’s the tastiest side and one you look forward to while you savor the flavor. The best free time spent with family or friends, falling in love, going to concerts and enjoying various sources of entertainment. Spending time traveling while discovering your world or purchasing something which gives you extreme pleasure. Be ready for anything good that life has to offer.

Revising your Menu

Examine the menu of your life. Ask yourself the tough questions to find out if you like the choices you’ve made for your main course. If you don’t like what you see, think about changing your menu. Revise it whenever necessary, adding more to your desert menu which will satisfy your soul. This can become a blueprint for change.

Whoever created the original menu, our present system of work, education, and money, left out the most important ingredient in your life. That is your individuality, passions and your ability to create your own menu. We are all guided by a system which has several main courses. We need only to pick one or more over the course of our life. Only you and you alone have the power to choose whether or not you made the right decision or to change your selection for something else which is more palatable.

In the end, we are responsible for the choices we’ve made, how we treat others and how we chose to live our God-given life. So choose wisely as they say “you only have one life to live.”





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