1370998541_lSpeaking from the Heart

I grew up in a household with five brothers and three sisters. Meals had to be planned sometimes the day before which, to be honest, I hated. My idea of fun was to go outside and spend time with my brothers and watch while my father fix cars which were having mechanical problems. Unfortunately, my mother’s intention for my upbringing was to learn how to cook, clean, wash dishes and pots and pans. As I look back on that part of my life, I wondered why it bothered me so much as my mom taught me how to keep a home and take care of my family which is invaluable. Continue reading “POTS AND PANS”

Errand Girl

living_with_a_cell_phone_12The name Errand Girl was given to me by my Mom in a fun way  because it seemed like every time she tried to get in touch with me, I was always running an errand. As funny as it may seem, this is a part of my life if given the choice I would prefer to avoid. Unfortunately between my daily chores and my job, there are trips to the grocery store, the cleaners, home projects and all of the other places one has to take their children.

When I decided to create a new reality, I knew in my heart in this area of my life something has to give. If I can implement small changes by inserting trips to a spa, volunteering in order to give back or doing things I truly enjoy and limiting some of the other errands, living in this life would take on a whole new meaning. When I was younger, I don’t recall having so much of my time preoccupied by errands. As  we get older, we have more and more responsibilities, whether its our home, our job or family and other outside influences. Continue reading “Errand Girl”