We live in a world which is constantly bombarded by noises. Whether it’s from family chatter, cars or trucks driving down the road, the sound of a lawn mower buzzing early in the morning and in my town the boom you can  hear from the quarry a couple of miles away. Quiet time is not always readily available when you are seeking time to pray and meditate.

I enjoy having quiet time first thing in the morning or late at night when my family is still asleep. The only sound I can hear in the distance are the birds singing their sweet melodies outside my window in the morning and at night, it’s the sounds of the crickets and nocturnal animals. It is not perfect but I try to meditate with very little distractions which sets a tranquil mood.

This morning when I woke up, my neighbor was Blasting  country music which could be heard all over the block in my neighborhood. I have nothing against country music, but that early in the morning when I seek peace and quiet, lets just say my day didn’t start off in a positive way as is always my intention.

I started to think about Jesus and his ministry and how difficult it must have been  for him as he went from town to town to find quiet time. He was surrounded by his disciples and people who wanted to hear his teaching. People were constantly reaching out to him for various needs as he continued his ministry. In spite of the constant noise and distractions, Jesus always made time to seek quiet time apart from his followers. For Jesus quiet time was the source of his strength and fellowship with his father in heaven.

      “Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed (Mark 1:35).

As I thought about this verse and many like it in the bible, I realized in that moment, leaving the house was a better idea. I was so annoyed by my neighbors lack of consideration, that it didn’t occur to me I should have left the house to seek quiet time as Jesus did so many times during his ministry. I lost my focus and allowed the noise from the music playing loudly to consume my thoughts and destroy my quiet time I hold so precious like a jewel.

 if you hear someone playing loud music outside your door, or any other distracting noise where you are unable to think clearly, leave and seek solitude elsewhere if you are able to do so. Having a sense of peace outweighs any of the noise pollutions which encroaches on us periodically.

2 thoughts on “NOISE POLLUTION

  1. Hey! You’re stealing my ideas! 😉 – only joking. I wrote some pieces about inconsiderate neighbours (and the bad things that can happen to them) last week. I like your point about removing yourself from the situation. Good piece. Carl.

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