What is going on in our skies?


Have you looked up at our blue skies recently? Most people do not focus on what’s going on, unless there is something unusual going on. Well, to my surprise I found out there is more going on than I possibly could have imagined. If you’re asleep in your awakened state, too busy to pay attention to the skies above, the spraying of chemicals called chemtrails would go unnoticed.


I can still remember the day I looked up and saw contrails crisscrossing a beautiful blue sky. At least I thought it was contrails left over from the airplanes passing by. They were unusual and did not dissipate but turned a bright and sunny day into a day filled with dark clouds. There were X’s, parallel lines and tic-tac-toe grids for miles across the sky. This is not a one time event but takes place several times all over the world.

Perplexed by what was happening, I decided to find out what was changing the skies above. I went to the Internet and googled my observations. What I found out changed the way I looked at our skies forever. I stumbled across a website which talked about chemtrails or Geoengineering. It was called collective evolution what on earth are they spraying which provided more technical aspects of chemtrails vs contrails. As I knuckled down to read the information, I got more than I bargained for, and I was very disturbed.

I am not a conspiracy theorist, but years later, the more and more I paid attention to the skies above, I realized what was being discussed in some of those articles were true. This crisscrossing effect has been taking place since the early  90’s. Why didn’t I notice it earlier? The more I read, the more angry I became because this is our air space, how dare they contaminate it with chemicals. This earth belongs to our creator but is also our home which should not be altered. What are the ramifications for the future on our health? Why are people in denial of what’s being seen all over the globe. I was on vacation in the Caribbean, and there it was on a beautiful hot sunny day to my dismay.

They believe most people wouldn’t see it, or oppose it even when its being done right in front of their eyes. We are asleep, and the more we are willing to walk with our eyes closed, the more they can put through these programs which contains chemical pollution which damages our air quality. Did you know these programs were implemented since the early 90’s? I asked myself,” why didn’t I notice this before?”

Choose to walk with your eyes wide open. Pay attention to what’s being done in your name whether it’s spiritually, scientifically or politically. After all it’s your taxes that are paying for all these government induced programs. Ask whether or not It’s to your advantage or disadvantage?

What do you think of what’s going on all over planet earth?

3 thoughts on “OFF TOPIC

    1. There is so much we don’t know about this life. I am always curious to see what’s hiding around the corner. Thank you so much for your comments.

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