Why it’s not okay to label children?

This post was so empowering, I had to share it. As a mother who understands and have also experienced so much in our school system, it’s important to share the knowledge. My son was diagnosed with the inability to sit still in class at a very young age. They wanted him to go on prescribed medication which I refused. Today he is thriving and studying computer science in college. We all need to think whether or not we want to be clones of the system or make the right decisions for ourselves and our family. We all live in the matrix but we have the power within to think out of the box.

Suvarna Academy

One of our society’s unpleasant acts, which many are shamelessly proud of, is to label people for a certain trait, usually negative, which unfortunately becomes a permanent identity for many individuals for their lifetime.

While adults cope with such labeling by either ignoring or defending themselves, it’s the children who are worst impacted from labeling by adults or their peers. These innocent souls grow up as adults, with low self esteem, because of the label they got in childhood which got deeply ingrained in them. They believe in the labels and that is their identity.

I find it really very frustrating and annoying that even educated people have not understood this fundamental law of our Universe- that we are all meant to be unique.

From the planets in our solar system to animals, birds to countries and even various locations on Earth are unique – and so are humans.

If planet Jupiter takes much longer to…

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