The Munchies


Have you ever had a serious munchies attack? I’m talking about the I want it now scenario. Then you open the kitchen closets searching, like a person who hasn’t eaten for days. But this time, like old Mother Hubbard, your closets are bare. What’s next is your attempt to run to the nearest 7eleven in order to purchase something, anything to satisfy your appetite.

Well, I believe this has happened to most of us more often than we are willing to admit. Why does it happen? In my opinion, besides the usual cravings, boredom is at the top of the list. Another reason, is a desire to seek pleasure and solace in junk foods, rather than focus on life troubling issues. In that moment, it’s you and your cookies, chips or whatever appeases your cravings. The results are weight gain in all the wrong places and health related concerns due to eating processed junk foods. But who cares, as long as we get our fix.


Guilty like everyone else, from time to time the munchies gets the best of me, especially when I had a difficult day. I had to ask myself, why would I reach for a bag of chips rather than a piece of fruit which is much better for health reasons? We have learned to associate junk foods with areas of our lives which causes discomfort. It’s palatable while giving us some temporary pleasure.

I am not one to tell you to stay away from munching on junk foods, however, eat it in moderation as it can impact your health if you go overboard.  My concern is related to the cause…..

Next time you reach for some junk food, ask yourself first and foremost, what’s really going on? Once you’ve answered that question, try reaching for a healthier snack which nourishes the body. Only you have the power to choose.








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