Why do we have to die?

connor-meakins-coRmVzxZZb4-unsplashWe never really think about death until it’s knocking at our door. When we consider the finality of this life, it shakes us to the core.

Many conflicting thoughts runs through my mind as I wonder about our mortality.

I laid to rest my mom a year ago and my father last weekend. They both survived Hurricane Maria in the Caribbean and within 2 years, they were both gone.

As I gaze upon the scenes coming in from the Bahamas brought about by Hurricane Dorian, it brings back horrific images of what my Parents endured a couple years ago.

Dorian caused homelessness, death, and destruction like Hurricane Maria which devastated the Island of Dominica.

I miss my parents tremendously. But now this brings me to my original question.

cesar-abner-martinez-aguilar-_F0CPOWfFHI-unsplashWhy do we have to die? I know this is a question we can’t answer. But when you go through the experience, the tears and emotions of missing a loved one, you begin to question even the existence of life.

Death is a permanent state we all have to experience like everything else living on the planet.

However, the real answer to this question, whether it is Biological, Religious or Spiritual lies in the mind of our creator.

We are born on this planet and we have a very short time to live, learn, grow, and enjoy our God given life.

It is said that ” knowing life is not forever¬† gives man a real sense of purpose for thriving.”

I am not sure if that’s true because there are so many variables to the meaning of life and death for that matter.

But one thing I do know, Death is painful and final.

For those of us left behind, it serves as a  constant reminder that everday is a gift to live life to the fullest.

Never take people in your life for granted because we are here today but can be gone tomorrow.

Live your life and don’t take it too seriously. For you might miss out on the best part of what living is all about.

Why do we have to die? But more importantly why do we have to live?

These questions lie in the heart of what makes us all human. Inspite of the fact that our loved ones are gone, life continues to keep keeping on….








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