He was no more than ten years old as he pranced restlessly around the department store. His mother and sister were shopping for a new handbag and his patience was wearing thin. Mom promised to take him out to  dinner when she finished making her purchase. But he just couldn’t stop moving.

I observed them as they approached the register to make their purchase. His mom and sister were talking about the color of their handbag and whether or not they made the right decision. Still restless and uncontrollable, his mother tried to get his attention in order to calm him down. Then out of no where, he blurted out, “I wish I had never been born.”

What on earth would posses a child so young to make such a negative statement? His life experience is only at the beginning stages. Yet, I was totally surprised at his words. Apparently, his poor mother was so shocked, she was speechless. As she continued to make her purchase, you could tell from her expression, her heart was broken. She told her son, she no longer wanted to go out to dinner and they would go home.

I intervened and talked to him about his statement. I also asked him whether or not God would approve of this behavior. After we spoke briefly to one another, I asked him to ask for forgiveness. He was so eager to make things right because he really wanted to make peace with mom and go out to dinner.

I wondered, what was going on in the mind of this child which would cause him to feel this way? Restless, but not enough to go so deep spiritually, cutting to the core of his soul. It bothered me and I continued to think about him all day. We will never know, but God Knows.

Life is so short and everyday it seems like it’s getting shorter. He has so much to live for and yet without thinking, his words got the best of him.

He is a child, but I think about grownups whose life is impacted due to the life they are living. Unfortunately, they’ve seen another side of life, that most of us don’t see everyday. That’s why, it’s so important to pray for others who are suffering through hardships.

We are blessed in so many ways, and yet it takes a small child unknowingly to remind us of the hurts other people are experiencing. It’s so easy to be comfortable in our own life while forgetting to counsel and lift others up who so desperately need our help.

Nugget of Truth: not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interest of the others.

Philippians 2:4


The Munchies


Have you ever had a serious munchies attack? I’m talking about the I want it now scenario. Then you open the kitchen closets searching, like a person who hasn’t eaten for days. But this time, like old Mother Hubbard, your closets are bare. What’s next is your attempt to run to the nearest 7eleven in order to purchase something, anything to satisfy your appetite.

Well, I believe this has happened to most of us more often than we are willing to admit. Why does it happen? In my opinion, besides the usual cravings, boredom is at the top of the list. Another reason, is a desire to seek pleasure and solace in junk foods, rather than focus on life troubling issues. In that moment, it’s you and your cookies, chips or whatever appeases your cravings. The results are weight gain in all the wrong places and health related concerns due to eating processed junk foods. But who cares, as long as we get our fix.


Guilty like everyone else, from time to time the munchies gets the best of me, especially when I had a difficult day. I had to ask myself, why would I reach for a bag of chips rather than a piece of fruit which is much better for health reasons? We have learned to associate junk foods with areas of our lives which causes discomfort. It’s palatable while giving us some temporary pleasure.

I am not one to tell you to stay away from munching on junk foods, however, eat it in moderation as it can impact your health if you go overboard.  My concern is related to the cause…..

Next time you reach for some junk food, ask yourself first and foremost, what’s really going on? Once you’ve answered that question, try reaching for a healthier snack which nourishes the body. Only you have the power to choose.








Out of Balance


Life is a Balancing act,

There are Good days and bad days

Ups and downs

Rights and wrongs

Love and hate

Happy and sad

Peace and war

Good and Evil

Why is this So? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there were

All Good days not bad

No wrongs, just right

No downs, just up

No Wars, just peace

No Sadness, but happiness

No hate, just love

How about no evil just good

No disharmony but a Symphony of harmony

I wonder,

This too would be out of balance

If all things are the same,

Life can be pretty mundane

Maybe its good to be out of balance

To learn, too grow, to imagine a better world

Which creates the perfect Harmony.

The Joy of being Content


Are you living a life of contentment? The joy of being content means living in a state of acceptance, thankfulness and gratefulness right where you are today. Living in contentment, regardless of life’s arrows which seeks to destroy your joy. Life happens everyday and it may drift in different directions depending on the circumstances. Continue reading “The Joy of being Content”