Under Attack


Let me begin by explaining what happened at a high school in suburbia. What surprised me the most was the student who was falsely accused of this behavior? Students were given a packet to complete in class. While working on this assignment, some of the young men began to joke about drugs. While eating pretzels, they pretended they were smoking a joint and got the attention of their teacher. Rather than reprimanding, or separating them, she allowed the joking to continue. At the end of the period, she told the young men, she made a mental note of what took place and she would proceed to write them up.

The next day, Parents were called by the Vice Principal. After listening to what took place in the classroom, a recommendation was made that four of the boys will have to go for a drug test. Failure to comply to this test, will lead to removal from school until the drug test is completed. Are our children under attack by these failed policies put in place without using prudence? This was outrageous and according to the vice principal, these students have no rights. Parents right are also dismissed because the school is only willing to listen to the counsel of the teachers. They will continue to believe the adult in the classroom even if her assessment of what took place was incorrect.


One of the boys who was caught up in this sting was a young man who merely laughed at the jokes. He is not a troublemaker, never drank, smoke or believe in taking drugs. Two weeks prior, he applied for a job at Loewe’s and was given a drug test. The test was negative, but the school refused to accept this to clear him from another test. His crime was simply a lack of maturity in a classroom setting. This young man is my son. The other boys was willing to inform the vice principal that this young man was not part of the conversation, but they were not interested in hearing the truth. Regardless, they claimed they had an investigation, and the young men admitted to talking about drugs. Does this mean to an adult, our so-called school officials, they are doing drugs? Where is common sense in all of this nonsense?

Have the schools with their assessment of what took place gone too far? In my opinion, absolutely. Did any of the young men show any symptoms or signs of taking drugs?  Was there reasonable suspicion according to the school policy? What is reasonable suspicion when it comes to our children? Talking about drugs means they’re doing drugs. Are the teachers and administrators making false assumptions about our children? Unfortunately it is left  to our school administrators as to what is reasonable suspicion.

When I evaluated this case, I believe the school system acted inappropriately. The only thing these kids were guilty of is immature behavior. I consider this to be discriminatory behavior and unjust regarding student and parents rights. The tests were administered and all the results were negative. All the parents whose child was implicated should be enraged at what occurred because of a teacher and administrators inference.


There are several steps that could have taken place before a drug test was recommended by the adults.  The teacher could have separated them, or come up with an alternative plan to change the dynamics in the classroom before opting to send them for drug testing. The Principal and Vice Principal should put other protocols in place before jumping to the wrong conclusions. In my opinion common sense still rules and sound judgement.

Parents should be given more time to assess the charges against their child without any consequences. Our children are under attack and maybe its time for us to get up and fight about what’s taking place rather than to allow these Administrators  to send our kids for unnecessary testing and suffer under these draconian policies. I understand there are laws in place like the zero tolerance policies. However, each school has to make that determination of what is fair for each individual case. Stop making excuses for your failed ability to make the proper recommendations. After speaking with several school officials, rather than an apology, the school system continued their assessment was correct as it pertains to school policy. Needless to say that the boys involved were very upset about what took place at there school.

What are you thoughts pertaining to this case? Would you allow this to happen to your child without intervention?

11 thoughts on “Under Attack

  1. Absolutely this is a discrimination towards your son. Black children face discrimination in the classroom at a disproportionate rate to their white counterparts. They are given harsher punishments and are reprimanded more frequently than other students. Earlier this year, a Stanford University study found that teachers of all races are more likely to punish black students than white students. A 2012 Department of Education study found that black students are three and a half times more likely to be suspended or expelled than white students. You must STAND UP AND FIGHT BACK FOR YOUR RIGHTS!!! This is a total racist!

    1. Thanks for standing up for our children..it’s not a black thing..all our children rights are at stake if we don’t take charge of these policies.

      1. Well, in this case, I believe it is a Black thing…..If this kid was a WHITE, you’ll not have the facing the same situation.

        Just like the case with Brock Turner may have sent photos of his rape victim to friends – Turner has come under widespread criticism since Judge Aaron Persky sentenced him to just six months in jail in connection with the attack under fear a heavier sentence would have “a severe impact” on him. Total bull shit!


      2. Just to clarify, it was three whites and my son. None of them should have been tested. Its the policies which is an issue in this case. This can happen to anyones child.

  2. Common sense or lack thereof seems to be the theme these days. I agree that in this particular situation there were additional steps that could have been taken by the teacher. If she would have done her job and separated and/or reprimanded the students during the time of their actions there would have been no need for this to escalate. I think teaching is one of the most difficult professions requiring a massive love for learning and sharing that love with students however along with teaching comes being a disciplinarian. In my opinion this scenario would be like letting a small child do something inappropriate and instead of instructing them as to why what they did was wrong, the parent would wait and do it a later time which equals a missed opportunity. To me this teacher did not do her job and she should be called to the carpet instead of penalizing the students. If she felt that they were doing something wrong she needed to address it at the time it was done.

    When my kids were in school (two were in special education) the teachers and officials knew me very well because I was constantly writing, calling or stopping by to make sure my kids rights were being upheld. At one point I demanded a meeting with the superintendent where I told him I wanted my children removed from this particular school and sent to another school within the same district. Since I documented everything I let him know that if he wouldn’t agree to my demands then I was going to proceed with further action as the school psychologist violated my son’s privacy.

    1. Thanks Stephanae as indicated by your response, it did not have to escalate to tjis point if the teacher did her job. Rather than disciplinig these students, she took it to a whole new leve..Thanks and I really appreciate your comment.😊

  3. This is an interesting, yet of course, shocking story. I actually worked at a school in England where many of the teachers and school leaders were aware that several of the students were regularly taking drugs before and after classes, but nothing was ever done about it. The students could have had the drugs in their bags during the whole school day, but no one cared to discipline them for it. I wonder why the drugs policies in schools vary so differently.

    1. In this case, the teacher was not aware but responded out of anger because the boys were just talking about it. We live in a world where we can’t make assumptions about people without having some kind of proof.

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