Imagebase30_08A life of truth is a life of freedom to be who you truly are

A life of  truth is a life awakened to what’s going on in our world whether it’s climate change,

deforestation, animal extinction, wars and the likes

A life where you are truly connected to God in mind, body and soul

A life of discernment and wisdom to be the best you can be

A life where money does not define or control who you are based on your socioeconomic status

A life where responsibility is not wearing you down like a wet garment

A life where you are free to be who you want to be without the boundaries that sometimes confine us.

A life where your debts is not dictating your lifestyle

A life where people can share with one another and live in peace and harmony

A life where the color of a person, language, culture, ethnicity or anything that seeks to separate us does not exist

A life of truth is giving to those who are less fortunate

A life where technology, television commercials, and the trappings of this economy does not control our behavior as to who we are, what we want and what we would truly like out of our lives

A life where our souls are not for sale to the highest bidder

A life where we can walk through the flowers and trees and live lovingly and responsibly to all that God has created

A life of truth simply put can mean different things to different people but the bottom line is we are all connected to all that we see around us and as we experience life let us try to leave it a better place as we think about the consequences to our inaction

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