Stormy Morning

pouring out rain from the skies,

Like the Heavens emptying itself

on the earth,

Blue skies opening to the brightest day I’ve ever seen,

Mom and Dad was there with

two children pleading to go to a nearby beach,

I was asked to take them, however I had a

 strong desire to go to another place

I remembered in dreams past,

Found my way on a journey to a mysterious place,

A vision which compelled me to move forward,

words can’t define what my eyes beheld,

In front of me nestled in the highest of mountains

was a magnificent historical style building

carved into the side of the mountain,

Oh such beauty

As I walked up the humongous steps,

I walked through an enormous lobby,

Staring at ceilings as high as the tallest of skyscrapers

Opened to a bright blue sky,

With large white clouds in different shapes like fluffy pillows,

In the back of the building was a massive pool

colors brighter than the bluest sea,

and depths deeper than anyone can imagine,

Standing in awe, I looked real deep down below,


Beneath the Mountainside

was a great river soaring after the pouring rain,

surrounded by a variety of foliage in the greenest of greens,

vivid in color with rocks as big as boulders,

I felt like I’ve been here before like deja vu,

Familiar and yet Comfortable,

I gazed at the sight before me

And I woke up in wonder and amazement.

Most of us dream and usually we can’t remember the details of our dream. For many years, I can say that this has been a continued pattern however, this dream kept me thinking about it for a very long time. I finally had to write it down because I was so inspired by what I visualized. After doing some research online, I learned dreams provides you with insight into your own reality, based on life experiences. It also has the ability to gain a better understanding of your true self. Now I can’t say whether this is true or not because I am not an expert. What I can say having gone through a lot of stress of late, this dream gave me a sense of calmness, joy and peace. I thought about God in all his wisdom and magnificence.This dream brought about the change I needed to break the cycle of a stressful situation.

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