Pictures in decorative boxes

stored away in closets for years

Photo albums collecting dust as they sit on tables and shelves

Some are tucked away in storage bins, in attics, and in basements

This morning, I rummaged through the photos

scattered all over the floor

Glimpses of another time and place

Reflecting on my younger days

Remembering good times

Happy memories spent with family and friends

Day trips with mom and dad

Picnic baskets filled with fried chicken, rice, and beans

All nine of us seated and squished in a station wagon enjoying our time together

Days of John F Kennedy, and Martin Luther King

Oh what fond memories

Fun times, Fun times, Fun times

Picnics, birthdays and vacations

My children were really young then

Fat thighs and chubby cheeks

No bigger than the stuffed animals that surrounded them

In cradles made of wood

Happy and filled with joy, growing and changing

Things are different now

Most cameras are hidden

Replaced by cellphones, tablets and social media

Pictures splattered across Facebook

in this instant generation

No need for albums, or boxes for photos

collecting dust as we now use the cloud

Family life has changed

Relationships replaced by technology

to build a different future

New times, maybe good times, ahead.

2 thoughts on “MEMORIES

  1. So true… family life has dramatically changed from my youth… and I’m not sure if it’s for the better… only time will tell, but I remain hopeful. ~bridgette

  2. Hi Bridgette..thanks for your reply..I missed this one (oops)
    I always love your comments. This is true about our present life and I like you pray that our children will be moving in the right direction.

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