reality check 2Reality is the state or quality of being real thus clarifying the state of your life. Changing your reality is more than just working towards chasing your dreams. It’s also about an expression of thought and mind; a wake up in consciousness of the world you live in. We all live in different realities or situations around the globe. Some people live in turmoil while others live in splendor. Waking up to the truth about these other realities will give you a broader perspective, and if possible, direct you to other areas where you can really make a difference in changing your world.

If we’re not careful, we can live our whole lives blinded by misconceptions. Living in an augmented type of reality which is an enhanced version of reality created by the use of technology or a virtual reality which is an artificial environment experienced through sensory stimuli which will not seek to clarify but distort our reasoning.  Having the ability to discern true facts from fiction and living a life based on truth and seeking knowledge will guide you on an amazing journey of real awareness.

We live in a world where most of us are too busy to be introspective. We don’t want to know what we don’t know because it’s too exhausting or too painful. It’s easier to close our eyes to hunger, homelessness, wars, past, present, and future events. Living in our own little world is more than we can bear as it can sometimes become overwhelming. I get it, as we all have trials and tribulations.

My suggestion is to wake up, become more aware and find out how living in our present reality will impact you and your family. Consider the fact that we all live in a great big world that make up the human race. We should also be concerned with others, and what we can do to allow our world to continue, and thrive.

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