Life’s Purpose

planet earth2

We are all unique, like our planet earth, none of us are exactly alike.

We were created that way on purpose

By God’s infinite wisdom,

Earth was designed for man and man for earth

Everything we need to sustain life is here,

 We were made in his image, to serve rather than to be served,

Using our gifts and talents, given by our creator,

To live a meaningful existence

 Not defined by earthly passions and desires

Which seeks to corrupt and discourage

 A life which touches the heart and soul

With God as one’s foundation.


alone time

I love spending time alone and having quiet moments all to myself very early in the morning. My days are usually filled with so many other distractions vying for my attention and sometimes it’s very difficult to be alone, to think clearly of new possibilities. Everyday we live in a world that is constantly pulling us in different directions. It is important to make each day count, finding time for solitude and silence to refresh and renew ones spirit.

Jesus sought solitude many times in prayer during his ministry due to the demands of his life. His Foundation was his heavenly father which renewed his strength to continue on his journey. This is a lesson we all can learn from, as the pressures of our daily life seems to increase rather than decrease. Time spent alone with God in prayer will give you strength and open doors to a new reality.


fashionHave you ever had a strong desire to purchase an item that you felt you couldn’t live without? Well, for many of us that is a regular occurrence. I remember a time when I saw a particular coat in a store window on my travel to work everyday. It was a fashion style that was  popular among the ladies and of course I wanted it so badly that common sense went right out the window. The price tag was pretty steep but who cares. I made it my purpose in life to buy this coat of many colors and as I made my way into the store one day, money in hand, I finally made my purchase. I was beaming with joy and in that moment, I felt like a million bucks. Sadly, in all the years I had this beautiful coat, I wore it once as I strutted and styled down the streets of New York. It  was a temporary fix, a moment of pleasure and like most things in our life, out of sight, out of mind. Years later, while sorting through my closets, I stumbled upon that beautiful expensive coat and decided to donate it to charity. Continue reading “WANTS VS NEEDS”

Our Footsteps


Guide our footsteps,

O Lord

Help us to walk in your truth

Hearing but also understanding

Walking in obedience

To your word

As we slip,

Help us not falter

On the rocky terrain of life

Teach us to walk on a straight and narrow path

Walking in the boundaries

You have set for our lives

Thinking out of the box

Yet making the right choices

Help us to follow our heart, in accordance

To your will

Forgiving and forgetting what lies behind

And moving forward to what lies ahead

We turn to you, the creator of the Universe

To guide our footsteps

O Lord

What’s the point of Complaining?

quiet time2

Have you ever noticed in life,

no matter how much you complain,

some things remain the same.

We all have a habit of complaining about something we are unhappy with in our lives. Life can be very daunting and troubling at times, but complaining and refusing to make a decision to change the quality of your life will only keep you in limbo. Expressing frustration and sadness due to your circumstances will not bring about the change you seek to live a new reality.  To complain is to express feelings of pain, dissatisfaction, or resentment of something going on in your life. Its a displeasure and if left to fester can be a habit that is really hard to break unless you take action. We all have moments when we are unhappy about our journey we are experiencing from day-to-day. As the days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months, years later, with all the complaints nothing has truly changed.  We always find excuses for not accomplishing our goals. To add  fuel to the fire, we find others who would listen to our complaints and when given any advice it sometimes fall on death ear. So what can we do to change our thinking in order to promote a season of change?

I’ve asked myself that question many times as I searched for answers as to the riddle of my life’s purpose. Thus I am also guilty as charged. Through my writing I am constantly asking myself the tough questions and experiencing the change I’ve been searching for through the power of prayer. For you it might be something else that is boggling your mind. In order to promote a season of change the most important thing you can do is to meditate, soul search, pray and ask God to point you in the right direction. The next step is to take action and stop complaining about the things you are unhappy with in your life and focus on the positive changes occurring right before your very eyes. Make a decision to let go of the past while moving towards a new future. Commit to a project that will move you forward whether in business , Education, or a new life adventure. Get on a path to discover your full potential and start enjoying your life.