732861-1We are more than what we think we are,

wake up and begin to acknowledge all that you are,

Keep running towards your goal

in order to bring about the change you want to see,

avoiding life’s obstacles which stands in your path

which seeks to tear you down, rather than lift you up

do something that will bring you a little closer

towards living the life you truly want to live,

day by day, step by step

small changes start to take shape

momentum starts to build

and your passion towards living a new life begins to form,

keep moving towards your goal, on your journey to your



Leaving Stress Behind

Distractions at my job and I am feeling stressed

Venting to a friend

to move from this mess

trying to turn things around

I said all I can say

no compromise as they lack understanding

who made them that way

feeling lost

in a cycle of  nonsense and confusion

saddened by the turn of events

seeking guidance and comfort

from my God above

as he said in his word

in Psalm 138:7

Though I walk in the midst of trouble,

You will revive me..

changing, moving forward

leaving the stress behind and alone

Changing to a life of less complacency

and always thinking towards a better reality



We live in a world which is constantly bombarded by noises. Whether it’s from family chatter, cars or trucks driving down the road, the sound of a lawn mower buzzing early in the morning and in my town the boom you can  hear from the quarry a couple of miles away. Quiet time is not always readily available when you are seeking time to pray and meditate.

I enjoy having quiet time first thing in the morning or late at night when my family is still asleep. The only sound I can hear in the distance are the birds singing their sweet melodies outside my window in the morning and at night, it’s the sounds of the crickets and nocturnal animals. It is not perfect but I try to meditate with very little distractions which sets a tranquil mood. Continue reading “NOISE POLLUTION”