Disconnected Relationships

stock-624712_640If we took the time to observe the world around us, we will notice the subtle changes that’s occurring right before our very eyes. Recently upon visiting a doctors office, I noticed something very peculiar. As I walked into the office, there were other people waiting to be called in to see  the doctor but their attention was focused elsewhere. I signed in and as I sat down, I noticed that all the magazines were either placed on a rack or scattered on tables around the room.  I took a quick look around the waiting area and everyone was either on their laptop, cellphone, or tablet. Wow, how time has changed from previous years. The magazines had simply become a prop in the midst of the decorations and chairs throughout the office. What surprised me even more was my resemblance of everyone else in that room as I also decided to thumb through my emails on my cellphone.

We have become a nation of gadgets and we are allowing those gadgets to entertain us thus becoming more and more disconnected from one another. How can we build relationships when our time is no longer our own? We are so plugged in and focused on those little devices, which seeks so much of our attention for business and pleasure, that we no longer have the time to say a kind word to those around us.

Anyway, back to the scene at the doctor’s office. As I was waiting and waiting and waiting to be called in you know how that goes, I met a wonderful woman. She was on her laptop and I on my cellphone but, curiously enough, we struck up a conversation. In a very short period of time, I learned that she taught at a college I attended in Long Island and her passion is photography. I also found out this woman, who was married for 45 years, has two sons, one of which travels the world as a professional photographer. The other son, who is also involved with photography, is dating a woman in the theatre who will possibly become her daughter in law in the near future. A lot of information for two people who just met one another while waiting at a doctor’s office. She shared some of her amazing photographs and I can tell you this was the best experience I ever had in any doctors office simply by just talking.

When we were finished our conversation, she asked for my business card as I was encouraging her to place some of her beautiful photographs online. She had thousands of pictures and wasn’t quite sure how to go about placing them on the Internet. Unfortunately, this is not my area of expertise. But we enjoyed each others company so much that was a great way for us to stay connected.

Building relationships with one another is what life is all about. We are connected with everything and everyone in our world and beyond. Why are we so willing to stay in our own little space, never going beyond the boundaries we have set for ourselves? You would be surprised how much you would learn by interacting with others outside of your immediate circle. God has placed everyone we come in contact with in our lives for a particular reason. Open your eyes and learn to connect to those around you, speak life when the opportunity arises and you will be amazed at what you will learn. That connection might take you to another place in your life, affecting change which you least expected.

While this experience is not unique to what’s going on in our world, it was a real eye opener. I saw a photograph recently of an old restaurant and posted on a sign at the door was written NO WIFI JUST TALK. I smiled, as this owner also recognized how much technology has invaded our ability to have a simple conversation with one another. We are addicted to our gadgets and although it plays a significant role in our life, we must take the time to recognize those around us and communicate with them when the opportunity arises.

Nuggets of truth: Opportunities to connect with others are revealed everyday if we only took the time to look and acknowledge those around us.

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