The Invisible Man

invisible man4

Most of us go about our business everyday paying very little attention to the invisible people in our society. They are people who walk amongst us doing all kind of menial jobs which lack prestige. Yet they are like the invisible man that goes unnoticed day after day.These unskilled workers and manual laborers give there heart and soul to their jobs and receive very little appreciation or acknowledgement from the people they serve. They clean bathrooms and empty our garbage at work. Some pick our crops or fruit while others put gas in the car. They are the new immigrants, the uneducated, and anyone working at jobs others consider beneath their level of education. The Invisible man is someone people don’t really care to associate or communicate with because they are beneath their station in life.


On a very cold day in February, I went to a gas station near my job.  As I pulled up to the pump, I noticed the gas station attendant was proceeding to go from car to car, pumping gas with little or no interaction from his customers.He looked very distraught and unhappy. As he approached my car, after filling up my tank, I thanked him and I said may God bless you. His attitude changed immediately and he was beaming with joy. He told me how he was extremely cold,  although he was wearing a heavy coat and glove. His response surprised me considering his previous demeanor. I  acknowledge and thanked him for his service and his mood changed as he continued to service other drivers. I couldn’t imagine working outside all day in horrible weather. I believe none of us would want this line of work. This is one of many invisible people who are not always acknowledged or given a kind word.

I see it at work, people throwing out the garbage, or cleaning the bathrooms. They are totally ignored by other workers as they go throughout their day. Not all workers respond this way, but the majority of employees treat them like they don’t exist. Maybe they don’t speak the same language, but a simple smile or saying hello goes a long way.

In our society, there is all kinds of work and we need everyone to participate in order to thrive in our culture. We are all human beings working at different jobs for the good of the whole. They have families and responsibilities just like anyone else on planet earth, and are doing jobs no one else wants to do. Showing appreciation for others and acknowledging their existence is only the beginning. What sets us apart? Is it money or our indifference to others who do not have a particular socioeconomic status?

I’ve learned a very important lesson in life while observing how some people treat others. When I see people who are working at menial jobs, I try to go out of my way to say a kind word. Opening your heart and responding in kind allows people to feel uplifted even for a moment. We all want the same things in life, however some of us have to work even harder with less pay in order to achieve their goals. It doesn’t cost a thing to show some appreciation, and it allows people to look up instead of down. Our basic needs as human beings is to have food, shelter and clothing while nurturing and taking care of our families. Try to acknowledge and appreciate those who are doing any work which is labor intensive. Love others and pray for God’s blessing in their lives.

Nugget of Truth: As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good to all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith.

Galatians 6:10




3 thoughts on “The Invisible Man

  1. Living a life and lifestyle where we are kind to “all” not just to those doing menial jobs (because work doesn’t define us as a person,) but to “all” even the hateful, allows us to treat everyone equally the same.

    I have learned that it stuns people when you treat them with kindness when they know they have been less than kind to you. Your kindness may not change them in that moment, but it may be the next hammer blow GOD uses to chisel away a stony heart. But an everyday lifestyle of a kind heart prevents the corruption of life from entering into and destroying the center of our own soul.

    Kindness doesn’t mean we are unaware of the corruption, it simply means that we are untouched by it. Great post and awesome reminder of the little things in life. 🙂

  2. I loved your response to this issue. Thank you for your insight and kind words. Treating people with kindness is a reminder to them that there are people who care.

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