UNEMPLOYMENTThe Year is 2016, and already a lot has changed from previous years. As I listen to more and more people who’ve lost their jobs, the times they are changing. Friends, family, neighbors, and strangers are out of work for more than a year. Jobs have been moving overseas, leaving workers in disarray. Loyalty and hard work is no longer rewarded but disregarded as changes become more prevalent.  Left to pick up the pieces of their lives, their salaries are reduced as they go in search for a new job in order to support their families. We are told the economy is getting better. But yet the signs speak for itself in more ways than one. Corporations are restructuring, stores are closing as they attempt to adapt to this new economy.

Walking around the malls, most stores sit in total silence as the shoppers opt to shop online and focus on their debts. The new generation live in a world of wifi and new technologies and see the world differently than their parents.  Due to budget constraints people are buying what they need in order to survive. This trend is impacting more businesses like the entertainment industry, restaurants and grocery stores as they continue to streamline and make necessary adjustments.

We are in a period of social change and as such we need to learn how to adapt to this new economy. Although it’s a struggle, it’s important to look for new opportunities and ideas that will create another stream of income. Those of us who still have a job need to thank God for his blessings. But as you are aware, unemployment can hit anyone of us at any given time. Keep your ears open at your companies and if you can lend a helping hand by assisting others to get a job, by all means do so. We live in a system that is broken and changes need to be made in order to restore our economy.

Lastly, I just want to ask you all to pray for those who are hurting, that God will help them through this process. I know people who are dear to my heart, and it hurts to see them in so much pain.

If you have any other ideas or comment, let’s continue the dialogue. What are the changes taking place to shape today’s reality?


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