Life without Money


Imagine…what would your life look like if money didn’t exist?

All our lives we’ve been chasing the dollar to the point where we’re divided rather than united.

Start thinking out of the box…

Everytime you leave your home you are spending money.

What would your world look like if money was not the main focus of your existence?

How would you live? Where would you live? What would your lifestyle look like?

I know this is not real…but what would life be like in this imagined reality?

We are living in a matrix, in a world dominated by money for our existence.

Everything we do revolves around money. The lack of money leaves one poor, broken and homeless.

What did our world look like before money entered the picture?

How can we make changes to create a better reality?

MONEY has become a strong emotional desire, a connection to get as much as we can to feel successful.

It makes us feel good for a moment until the bill comes due.

We use it whether with plastic or paper to purchase our goods and services.

Then we try to hoard as much as possible for our future retirement.

Unfortunately a large segment of our population spend more than they can actually afford.

Some people use it to support their lifestyle and yet others for their survival.

Like a bug caught in a spider’s web, they are drowning in a downward spiral uncertain about the future and imprisoned by DEBT.

Let’s face the real world some has more and yet others have less.

Then their are those who have so much, who end up taking advantage and abusing this privilege.

So…this is merely an exercise of the imagination.

What would your world look like if money never existed?

Food for thought…

MONEY is evolving like a stroke on a keyboard.

Paper money is not exchanged but is transferred electronically by various businesses and corporations.

In the future paper money might not exist but the system of money..the haves and the have nots will remain the same.

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