When Tragedy Strikes

sad-black-womanWhen I woke up this morning I heard the news of a shooting that occurred in the community of Charleston in South Carolina. A man with a gun entered an African American church and after one hour, while listening to them pray to God, shot and killed nine people. According to the news, this was clearly a hate crime perpetrated by a young man who obviously is very disturbed. I can’t imagine the pandemonium that took place at the time of the shooting. This man took the lives of innocent people and will affect the nine individuals entire families, friends, neighbors and leave a terrible stain on our nation.

When tragedy strikes, it can be very painful and we are filled with all kinds of mixed emotions. At times we feel so helpless and hopeless also full of anger and fear due to the circumstances of the incident. We are living in challenging times and day by day one never knows what’s going to take place. How we choose to deal with those experiences will allow us to be empowered or disempowered. I can’t imagine how anyone of us would feel if that happened to any friend, neighbor or family member who was killed by a mad man bent on hate. The families of these individuals including their communities face a long road ahead. They are overwhelmed with grief and saddened for the lost of their loved ones. The community in days to come will strive try to find common ground in order to move forward to promote healing and change for a better tomorrow. We must take time to pray and ask God to bless those families who were impacted greatly by this tragedy. My mother always reminded me when things weren’t going right in life to trust the lord and remember “This too shall pass”. Somehow that always gave me some comfort and allowed me stop to reflect on that which I was going through knowing things will not always remain the same. There will always be a better and hopefully a brighter tomorrow. Don’t give up on life when tragedy confronts you. Let go and let God fight your battles. Be strong in the lord and never give up hope.

Bible Nugget of Truth: Do not fret because of evil doers nor be envious of the workers of iniquity, for they will be cut down like the grass and whither as the green herb.

                                    Psalm 37:1-2

6 thoughts on “When Tragedy Strikes

  1. This is very sad and really scary. We will never know what is really out there. So we keep praying for protection. We live in a challenging world….

  2. We cannot let darkness and hate hold us back from living life as God has us to live. He tells us in his word to fear not for i am with you be not dismayed , for. I am your God. I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. Isaiah 41:10 . The Loss of his children in this life was truly great my sympathy to the loved ones left behind but to comfort the families left in this life , if we truly believe they are in a better place . Jesus came and received them from this life, into the everlasting for he promised us everlasting life.

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