I may be just a foolish dreamer

but I don’t care

Cause I know my happiness is waiting

out there somewhere

I’m searching for that silver lining

Horizons that I’ve never seen

Oh, I’d like to take just a moment

And dream my dreams, oh dream my dream

Oh Zoom, I’d like to fly far away from here

where my mind can be fresh and clear

And I’d find the love that I long to see

Where everybody can be what they wanna be

Oh I’d like to greet the sun each morning

And walk amongst the stars at night

I’d like to know the taste of honey in my life

Well I’ve shared so many pains

And I’ve played so many games

Oh, but everyone finds the right way

Somehow, Somewhere, Someday

Oh, I wish the world was truly happy

Living as one

I wish the word they call freedom someday would come

Someday would come

Oh Zoom

I’d like to fly far away from here

Where my mind can be fresh and clear

And I’d find the love that I’d long to see

Everybody can be what they wanna be

I’d like to fly away

Don’t you wanna go?

Many Years ago, when I was a teenager, I fell in love with this song written and sang by Lionel Ritchie and the Commodore’s. Every time I listened to the words of this song, it brings me to another place and time, when life was more simple than it is today. I experience a feeling of nostalgia provoking memories of times past. What would life be like, if everybody could be what they want to be? These words are so true today as it was years ago, the thought of flying away to a place where ones mind can think more clearly about there life is refreshing. My enthusiasm for life, and my imagination becomes more intertwined with the thought of searching and trying to live a better reality. To live in a world where people can truly be free to express themselves and live their dreams would be gratifying. A world where you are truly free was God’s original gift to mankind.

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