The Sands of Time


They say “age is but a number” but is it really? When I was in my youth, life seemed like it was going to last forever. I was not afraid of taking risks like many of todays teenagers. In the mind of a young person, the world is an adventure  waiting to be discovered. Some of them feel indestructible, willing to take chances in dangerous situations. Let’s face it, some of us were willing to step out on a limb, believing we were going to be young for a very long time.

I remember when I decided to travel to Europe at a young age with my best friend. I didn’t have much money, however I decided we would figure it out one way or another.We had the best time crashing with people we really didn’t know at the time. That was an experience of a lifetime. Would I do it again now I am much older? Absolutely not! It’s nice to be spontaneous, but at this age, I like to have a plan before I go overseas.

Youth has its privilege when the sands of time are in your favor. You have your whole life ahead of you to think and live as you choose. Like a painter creating a picture on a clean canvas, you have the ability to create the life of your dreams.

Fast forward the sands of time when you are older. Time is beginning to run out. At this age your canvas has a lot of color and may be tattered and torn. You’re seasoned, experienced and probably take less chances. Fear holds some of us back because responsibility has gotten in the way. Spontaneity is not always an option. Yet there is still a lot of life left to live. How will choose to live the rest of your life?

I think about this as I struggle to change my present reality. I know I have more yesterdays than I have tomorrows. There is no turning back the sands of time.  But I am trying to paint a new canvas. One of self discovery, new destinations, and more of an appreciation of the life God has given me to live.

One of my passions I discovered later on in life is writing and as I continue on this journey, I pray God will open my eyes to accomplish  the goals he’s set for my life. I also pray that God will guide your thoughts and actions, taking you to places where your canvas can be refreshed with new adventures and better opportunities in the near future.

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