Happiness is like an Ocean

always changing, never remaining

exactly the same

wave after wave

It’s never constant and shifts in different directions

when and how it chooses

and then there is a calmness as you look out at it’s surface

It also influences climate and weather patterns

Just like those around us influence our moods and behavior

most of the oceans depth remain unexplored

so is our feelings and attitudes towards happiness

 deep down inside there are explorations

soul searching, a reaching for that which is still unknown about the self

Happiness is like an ocean as we experience life for we can be tossed and turned in many directions

 a feeling of exhilaration and contentment when you are aligned with who you truly are and what actually makes you happy

As we breathe in good vibes and let go of negativity and chaos that seeks to entrap us and

zap our energy of well being

Happ-in_ness  is freedom like the ocean which flourishes day to day in spite of obstacles

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