A Fresh Start


Sometimes in life, you feel like calling it quits. It’s so easy to want to close your eyes and pretend all these things you have to do just don’t exist. There are days when you are overwhelmed while trying to maneuver through the rough roads ahead. Life, at times, becomes a blur moving from one day to the next. Working hard in order to take care of your needs and that of your family requires good health, a sound mind, and a lot of energy. Why can’t life be more simple?

I love the beginning of a new year as it allows one to reflect on the passing year while putting things into perspective. A fresh start, a new beginning, and an opportunity for change requires stepping out in faith while focusing on a new direction. Life can be difficult at times but a new year with workable resolutions inspires and motivates us to keep moving forward.


Every year before midnight, I sit quietly and look back on the previous year.  I’ve been writing New Year’s resolutions for years and as I examine what I wrote from year to year, very little has changed. A promise to go to the gym which lasted 6 months, more than most people who start in January and end in February. A strong desire to eat healthier and also to start my own business. In retrospect, I realized life is not dependent on a list of things I would like to do but what my God calls me to do in order to help others with my talents. Don’t beat yourself up for what wasn’t done last year. Write a new chapter with renewed optimism and workable resolutions knowing that God may change your direction at any given moment.

As we look to a new year with anticipation, let us strive to make smaller goals which we can achieve. Once you accomplish and take small bites of larger goals, slowly but surely you will succeed. Blogging did not make last year’s list but as you can see, life keeps happening in spite our plans. As you work towards your mission, take one step at a time and you will begin to notice your accomplishments. Become more flexible in your planning as new ideas emerge and become part of your larger picture.




4 thoughts on “A Fresh Start

  1. Hey Pat I appreciated the insight you provided in your post! Sometimes it truly is about setting smaller goals for yourself and achieving them. These smaller goals enable you to slowly work towards the larger goals. I also have seen many people get discouraged by their failings of their previous years’ resolutions. I think it is more important to reflect and ask why did you fail in achieving that resolution? What can you do this year to change that? If we reflect into our failings, we can surely find what it takes to succeed.

    Keep up the great work and thank you for your insight!

  2. “Life keeps happening in spite our plans” was a great takeaway for me. Sometimes we can get too caught up in trying to stick to lists not realizing it until a later date that those unplanned detours were the ones that actually proved most rewarding. Happy New Year Pat and I’m looking forward to more of your astute observations. Steph

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