Before a word is uttered on my tongue,

Help me lord to overcome,

 Let me think before I speak,

when speaking life to those I meet,

I am truly sorry for the words I’ve said

In anger to others

Who needs to be led,

Help me know what to say

when my words go astray

and indignation comes my way,

Teach me your truth,

While I read your good book,

I will continue to take a closer look.

I’ll stand in your peace

By not being a beast,

Please allow my love for others to increase

Search me, O Lord, and know my heart

For you have known me from the start,

Cleanse and change me,

from all that I am,

You know my name and that’s where I’ll stand,

In silence, meditating and listening to your word,

with God right beside me, never being deterred

Create a clean heart in me

to be all I can be,

So my words won’t defeat me,

for I totally trust in thee

I choose to speak life for the rest of my life,

Believing and hoping to live a life of less strife.

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