Rubbernecking Delays

traffic2Have you ever been on a highway backed up by traffic for miles? Ever wonder, what’s the hold up? Slowly you crawl as time ticks away and frustration starts to build. When you finally arrive at the point of curiosity, a police officer has pulled a motorist to the side of the road or there is road work being done and everyone is beginning to slow down while gawking  thus causing rubbernecking delays. At times, it’s something very serious but that’s few and far in between in most cases. After sitting in a car for hours, extremely agitated by the turn of events that unfolded, you finally arrive late to your desired destination. Sounds eerily familiar as I believe this scene is all too common to those of us who drive day after day.

As I pondered about this turn of events, I realized it’s similarity to what goes on in real everyday life. It’s very easy to live a life of aggravation and frustration when you’re not living on intention. There are serious events as human beings we all experience during our lives. It can’t be minimized however we try to press forward in order to stay balanced. We can delay our dreams and passions by being inquisitive about nonessential issues, getting caught up with the entertainment industry, working at a dead-end job, constantly staring at our cell phones and losing our focus in general instead of trying to build on our desired reality. How do you view the road in front of you? Are you making strides to arrive at your place of interest? Or are you stuck in the traffic jam called life?  At times, we are so busy rubbernecking and meddling in someone else’s affairs like reality tv shows, gossip magazines and other distractions that we lose sight of our own hopes and dreams for the future. Being complacent and settling for less in life is not the answer. We sit in our own traffic jams day after day, month after month which then translates into years. Then one day as we grow older, we wake up and wonder what did we accomplish with the gift of life given by our God? What’s the answer to progress and move forward to your desired destination? Set small goals, stay focused, and keep your eyes on the road ahead. Loosen the traffic jam of your life and stop rubbernecking in order to live your life on intention and true purpose. Stay true to your path and ask God to guide you in the right direction.

Nugget of truth: Trust in the lord with all your heart and  lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him and he will make your paths straight.

6 thoughts on “Rubbernecking Delays

  1. Pat, I love this line: Stay true to your path and ask God to guide you in the right direction. Set small goals and focus on it. A simple guideline to help us through life.

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