When I was younger, I dreamt of being a singer

and so I sang, but shyness got the best of me

I dreamt of being a dancer,

but I couldn’t dance professionally

I dreamt of serving my lord as a missionary

I went on short-term trips, worked on the missionary board for my church, and I’m still contemplating going overseas

That’s one of those “one day I’ll do this or that”

I dreamt of being a Fashion Designer and so I completed my studies and went to work

Years later, I found out it wasn’t my true calling

I dreamt of being a social entrepreneur

Life kept getting in the way but I haven’t given up on this idea

I didn’t dream of being a writer

but I’ve been journaling for years and I’ve always enjoyed this time with my quiet thoughts

It’s funny, I’ve never connected the dots

So I began to blog, enjoying every moment of this process

 It really makes me happy as an extension of what I’ve been doing since my early years.

Nugget of truth:  A lesson learned through this exercise is that we have one lifetime and many dreams that may or may not come to fruition. Sometimes your purpose is right in front of your face if you only took the time to see what makes you happy while you’re going throughout your day. Don’t give up on broken dreams you really love. Keep moving forward and someday life will change for the better if you don’t loose sight of who you really are. 

3 thoughts on “ONE LIFETIME

  1. Pat it sounds like you’re really enjoying the journey. Sometimes we’re so focused on the destination that we forget to take in the moments at hand. Thank you for this important reminder.

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