Tis the season to be what?

christmas gift2Are we really thinking jolly? Have we all lost our minds?  The Christmas season can be jolly if we change our way of thinking.

I’ve worked in retail during the holidays for many years, and believe me when I express that human behaviors are not conducive to having a happy time. People fight over parking spaces and who’s next in line. I had a customer who was at least 80 years old, in poor health and felt obligated to purchase 50 different gifts for her family located in different states. If that’s not enough, a lot of men who have no idea what to buy or even have the desire to join the madness will pick up anything just to keep peace in their homes.  The common thread from men year after year is a desire to please even knowing their loved one will return the item as they have done in previous years. Baby carriages with infants less than a month old and children crying as they walk through the stores. People stressed out from all this delusion with lists upon lists of gifts they have to purchase.

mall shopping

Hustling and bustling through the malls decorated lavishly, Christmas music playing to set the mood and digital billboards drawing ones attention to sales upon sales to entice the shoppers. Tired people everywhere waiting on lines with several items hoping that they made the right choices. Caught up in a whirlwind of spending, setting them financially backwards for another year. Gifts are wrapped and delivered, finally Christmas day arrives with beautiful packages wrapped under the tree. Stress is somewhat relieved by the smiles of loved ones as they open their package.  In retail, the day after Christmas is our biggest day of returns. Some of us are not happy with our presents. Whatever happened to just being thankful?

So what’s the point?  I have come to realize people’s hearts are in the right place but a feeling of obligation clouds their judgement. Folks are spending money they don’t even have in order to make their loved ones happy. Some of us are looking for love in all the wrong places. Most consumers are going through the motion but are not entirely ecstatic. I am not a Grinch, I love Christmas just like everybody else but I believe we are going about it in the wrong way. Keeping it simple and not going overboard during the holidays would be my recommendations. Reduce your list and consider a grab bag alternative. Focus on the things that are really important and get rid of the guilt you feel if you don’t buy someone a gift. Showing love and kindness all through the year is more important than how much you spend on a gift during the holidays. Give to others who are more in need and do it in the name of someone you care about. Think of valuable ways you can share Gods blessing. Why do we keep giving to those who are already blessed with so much more?


Christmas or the season of Christmas is about reflecting on the birth of Jesus, our lord and savior. He is the greatest gift to mankind and therefore, our focus for the season should be on what he represents. Love and hope for a better future and saving those who believe from their sins. Going forward, let’s rethink how we go about celebrating Jesus’ birth.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

John 3:16





2 thoughts on “Tis the season to be what?

  1. Pat, I share your sentiments. I was never crazy about the commercialization of Christmas and I never thought that it could get to where it is now. It’s true we should spread kindness, peace, and love throughout the year yet there seems to be more hatred and selfishness during this time of year than any other. All the madness saddens me and I sometimes wish I could hide until after all the festivities. We need to get back to simplicity and as you say rethink how we celebrate Jesus’ birth.

  2. Thanks for your comment. This time of the year is very difficult for me as I see so much in human nature which is not always loving. However there are some really beautiful people out there. I work a lot of hours and my focus is not necessarily on the bling of Christmas, although there is a special beauty in the season. I have come to recognize more and more the true meaning of Christmas is the birth of our savior who is the ultimate gift to mankind and focus less on meaningless things. Celebrate the Holiday keeping Jesus as your center.

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