Have you ever met anyone who thinks they’re always right? In a conversation, you are like night and day or positive and negative. Sometimes you can’t get a word in edge wise as they choose to believe their opinion of the facts are correct and yours is wrong, thus dominating the conversation. You debate on various personal and impersonal topics and you never seem to have a real understanding. The older you get some things never change. Think before you speak and refuse to engage in these debates. Continuing to discus a topic with someone who is unwilling to listen, will only lead to frustration.

It can happen on your job with your boss, or an associate. Family, friendships, or personal relationships, can also lead to broken dialogue if both parties are unable to share their thoughts. We have all experienced this in life, and it’s lessons we learn how to deal with on our journey.

Beleiving you’re always right, and not giving others the opportunity to express themselves is dangerous. Healthy debates and a willingness to listen to another persons opinion will allow your mind to expand to other possibilities. We are all learning and growing and no one has cornered the market on truth or factual information.

If you encounter someone with this type of disposition, my advice is to listen and let go. Don’t engage in their negative behavior. What doesn’t serve you will only lead to exasperation. Focus on constructive thoughts rather than destructive attitudes.


3 thoughts on “Opposites

  1. I did that before, responding to that kind of person. In the end, I felt like I was pulled down in terms of manners. It really won’t do good. You’re right. Learn how to let go. That can be really hard but it is a better way. Just let them think what they want about themselves : )

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