Free To Choose

clerk-18915_1280If you had the ability to choose whatever you wanted to do with your life today, what would you do without any boundaries? Where would you go and how would you live? What choices would you make if you had absolute freedom?

These are questions I sometime ask myself, because I realize in the world we live in, with all the responsibilities we have on our shoulders, it’s not always possible to choose. We live in a so called free world, but are we really free?

I remember when I was younger, a teenager growing up in long Island, life was a breeze. My whole life was ahead of me and I couldn’t wait until I was 21 to embark on my journey of discovery. Well, life was much simpler then and as I look back I realize how sweet life was with no real responsibility. As a grown up I have the freedom to choose, however, that freedom comes with a price.

Am I really free to choose? Well, if you are poor or middleclass, you have quite a few limitations. Unlike the rich who have more opportunities, a lot of us are living paycheck to paycheck as noted by recent statistics. A lot of people are working jobs they’re unhappy with, however it pays the bills. Relationships are complicated and sometimes cause undue stress. So, are we really living a life of freedom?

Imagine a world where freedom of choice really existed. Money was not an object you chased after for survival. It’s like chasing the wind but you can never quite grasp it because it’s always moving. Imagine living your purpose and passions with no restrictions. How about getting up everyday to do something you love rather than focusing on a paycheck. Imagine living to give to others because of your abundance.Think about how you would feel without the pressures of your current life.

Being free to choose is not an illusion. In your current state, making a move towards your new goals and striving towards a different lifestyle is attainable. Examine where you are right now and figure out where you want to be years from now. If you are happy where you are, make some small changes in order to make things better. If you are like me, I’m looking forward to a different future. One that is much lighter and freer than where I am presently. This also comes with a price and that’s the ability think smarter and make some tough choices in order to achieve your desired outcome. Time and patience is also a factor to consider when embarking on a new journey. Stay the course and eventually you will arrive at your planned destination.

Nuggets of truth: When you lose sight of your goal, you will loose sight of your dreams if you don’t stay on your path.




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