Why are we here?

sunset-1113547_960_720 Why are we here, on this planet, at this time? The answer is complicated and may be different for everyone. However, I believe we are  here to live a life that’s meaningful and pleasing to God. Enjoying all his creation, the sights the smells, the beauty that surrounds us in nature, all of it is a free gift from God.

When I was younger, I never stopped to examine the meaning of life. I just existed and took everything for granted. But as I grew older, while going through the motions in life, the world I live in took on a whole new different meaning. I had a very curious mind and I continued to search for answers. I may never have all the answers but I am comfortable with my personal assessment.

God has blessed us with a beautiful planet which is our home in all it’s splendor and magnificence. “Unto those who are given, much is required.” Why don’t we take better care of all that we’ve been given? We all have the power to change the way we live and how we leave the world entrusted to our care. For example, we are blessed with so many unique and beautiful  animals and God has given us the opportunity to be good stewards.

I saw a story on the news recently, which made me really sad, about the slaughter of elephants in Africa. Poachers kill 93 African elephants a day for their Tusks. The tusks are sold in a lucrative trade in wildlife products. These poor creatures will be extinct within a decade if something is not seriously done to stop this cruel act. Now this is just one of many problems causing destruction that faces planet earth. 

 So, why are we here?  To love, live on purpose and impact the world we are living in while being pleasing to God. We are also here to discover who we are and how we can better our world in order to leave it better than we found it. Our God loves us and we are special in his eyes. We need to demonstrate our love by walking in obedience  and living a life on real intention.


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