Kicking It


Have you ever felt like your life is not going in the right direction?

I have been facing some hard reality facts lately. The life I dreamt of so long ago, is slowly slipping away from me and like a grade on a test, it’s marked incomplete. So I’m kicking my thoughts around in my head, trying to figure out my next move.

In this life you can’t fight your present reality, you can only reconstruct your present one in order to reshape your future.

Have you ever had a strong desire to accomplish a particular goal? How far were you willing to go to make it happen?  Some of us think about what we want however we don’t always take action to achieve our goals.

At this juncture of life, my desire to be an Entrepreneur is dissipating.  Is it too late to begin again? My responsibilities at home has increased and I find myself fighting an uphill battle.

I keep having that nagging feeling inside my head which won’t let go. And yet as time goes by, I feel so emotionally and physically drained. My mind is saying yes but my body is saying I don’t think so…

I’ve been attempting to do something for years, but never committing to any particular project. Honestly, here I sit, struggling to make peace with the possibility of just being, rather than doing.

I  have to tell you, I’m still restless and constantly trying to persuade myself like so many others to just live life indulging in the things that really matter while enjoying everyday life. Be content and forget walking down the yellow brick road where dreams come true.

Well that’s what I’m up against because time is running out. It seems like time always has the last word.


Sometimes I want to kick myself for staying at the same job for several years. In hindsight you can look back but you can’t go back. So you might as well move forward. On the positive side, my job has given me the opportunity to live a middle-class life style and the flexibility of raising my children.  On the negative side, I turned down many promotions because I didn’t want the additional responsibilities at that point in my life.

Where do we go from here?

So here I stand kicking around some of my decisions  while trying to regain control of my life.

For some of us who has similar circumstances we can kick our dreams to the curb and just be, or decide to move in a direction that will fulfill your life’s goals.

The longer you wait and procrastinate life will pass you by.

As you look back on the years gone by, regretting what could have been won’t change anything. Take swift decisive action for your time is now.

Dont wait until you’re so sick and tired and lack the motivation to succeed.

What are you willing to change in order to make things happen?

3 thoughts on “Kicking It

  1. Powerful reflection I am on the same fight as you at a crossroad lacking motivation somehow I felt so close yet so far away of pursuing my dream and reaching my desting. Thank you for this reflection piece 😊 Blessed up & know you’ll make it

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