Letting go


Sometimes we hold onto people, and other things in our life so tightly making it very difficult to let go. We believe we are in control only to wake up to feelings of despair, pain and hopelessness.

Just imagine having a tug of war, with you holding onto a rope as tight as you can on one end and the stresses in your life on the other. Who do you think will win that war? At some point, you have to learn to let go. Otherwise the struggles you are carrying will take you down to a life of misery.


The stresses in all our lives is serious business. It could leave us filled with anxiety and pain. When we have negative distractions in our life, it can lead us to a state of hopelessness, until we are willing to deal with our issues. Admitting to the pain we are experiencing rather than ignoring it, is where life begins.

I thought I was somewhat in control of life’s ups and downs. Whenever I had a problem, I dealt with it, until recently. For the first time in my life, I realized I had to let go of a situation that was impacting my relationship with others.

When going through life stresses, in order to deal with pain, we first have to admit it exist. Focus your energy on feeling it fully and asking yourself some of the tough questions. What got you here in the first place? Don’t minimize your pain by ignoring the problem.

Allow yourself to grieve, feel the hurt and pain. Don’t pretend the problem doesn’t exist. It will come back to haunt you later resulting in sickness and disease. Channel that energy elsewhere making positive strides whenever possible.

You have to go through it in order to find out the lessons you are being taught from this experience. Project an image of newly constructed positive vibrations.

Find ways to deal with your hurts in order to lighten your load. Try to be more proactive in finding out what gives you the most pleasure. Examine your lifestyle and make changes where necessary. Meditate and create situations for calmness and inner peace. Release the tensions that has held you captive.


Accept the things you can’t change. Ask for forgiveness whenever necessary. Don’t live with regret if you can do anything in order to find inner peace. Make positive changes in your life that inspires growth. Have the strength to move forward letting go of what you can’t control. Seek professional help when necessary.

Pray and ask God to help you through your struggles. Learn to let go and let him guide your thoughts and feelings to a life worth living by surrendering to all the difficulties you can’t control.

Nugget of truth:

Psalm 94:19- In the multitude of my thoughts within me, thy comforts delight my soul.

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