toia-montes-de-oca-345720-unsplashSome things are out of your control no matter how hard you try..

In life, when doing your best is just not good enough it’s time to surrender. What’s a person to do?

When you try your best to take care of your family and you feel like you’re being pulled in different directions, surrender. You may feel at times doing your best is just not good enough.

When you’re working hard to build a new or old relationship and your best is just not good enough, surrender.

When you work hard at your job and no matter how much you contribute, your boss is never happy with your work, surrender.

When you’re studying and working hard at school to do your best and your teacher or Professor gives you a low grade, surrender.

To all those struggling to do their best…

What the heck, sometimes your best is just not good enough so go ahead and surrender..

Surrender to the fact that no one is perfect so all you can give is your best.

Have peace knowing there are some things you can’t change and others you can depending on the circumstances.

Surrender, learn to let it go or it will get the best of you if you allow it to destroy your thinking.

Make the necessary changes in order to be effective and happy with who you are and your contributions.

Then surrender and be happy knowing you have done all that you can possibly do in any given situation.

If your best is still not good enough, hang in there and surrender, turn it over to the God above and have serenity knowing you have done your best.

I tried to do my best and if my best is not good enough so be it..













3 Replies to “Surrender”

  1. So true. We cant control everything in our lives, but we can choose to take leadership in whatever faces us. We can rule out anything that we dont want, and that is the power we have. The power to choose whatever we want. And to become a great leader- who will lead hor/her life well- one must know is the right time to fight, and when to surrender.
    Its all about living. So live. Take lead.


    1. I agree we are all captains of our ship but in certain circumstances life can take a turn for the worst if you allow others to make you feel less than who you are. We are all leaders but when for example you are in a job and someone else is leading, they can make your life miserable if they don’t like the way you are steering the ship😊


      1. But still you are a leader, even if your boss leads you at the job. Leading yourself making sure that all your values are intact within you. And that includes respect, acceptance, patience, love, perseverance, etc. Being a leader also means following orders, because they help you in some way.

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